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Holidays in Italy

24th of December - Christmas Eve

In Waiting for holiday

Christmas in Italy is a family holiday, and is usually celebrated at parents or grandparents home, where all their childrens and grandchildrens families get together on Chrismas Eve.
But what can hide on the backstage of the idyllic Christmas picture - thats the plot of a black comedy of an excellent Italian film director Mario Monicelli Parenti serpenti (also known as Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations) .

As for Christmas Eve traditions, the recipes for Christmas Eve dinner are all lean. Among the traditional dishes for this evening in Emilia Romagna thre are spaghetti with anchovies, rissotto made with fish broth, boiled fish with green sauce (made of capers and anchovies), stewed eel, and verzolini (kind of rolls of Savoy cabbage filled with bread, egg and parmesan cheese).

And after dinner - Midnight Mass!

This night all children before they go to sleep live under their Christmas Tree a glass of milk for Santa Klaus and some cookies for his reindeers.
And another very important thing to do is to put the figure of Jesus Child in the cradle of the Nativity scene.

Christmas Nativity scene


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